Left Behind

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This is an on going study,

to be updated and changed

as time alows.

In opposition to the popular books

portraying that you can be saved after the rapture,

do not plan on it.

Today is the day of salvation! Do not put it off.

At the rapture,

the Lord will return

with all of the souls of the saints.

The dead in Christ shall rise first

to reunite with their souls,

those alive will be changed

and then all will be caught up together to be with the Lord.

All of the saints, not only the Church,

will be caught up to heaven.

The Old Testament saints

are not members of the Church.

The Church is the virgin bride of Christ.

There will be the marriage supper of the lamb.

The door will be shut.

The restraining power of the Holy Spirit

will be taken up from the world.

Israel will be left behind

because they have not accepted Jesus as their savior.


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